Milestone Treasury Obligations Fund Monthly Holdings

Form N-MFP Filing are available at the SEC website.
Date Documents
August 31st, 2010 Holdings
September 30th, 2010 Holdings
October 31st, 2010 Holdings
November 30th, 2010 Holdings
December 30th, 2010 Holdings
January 31st, 2011 Holdings
February 28th, 2011 Holdings
March 31st, 2011 Holdings
April 30th, 2011 Holdings
May 31st, 2011 Holdings
June 30th, 2011 Holdings
July 31st, 2011 Holdings
Aug 31st, 2011 Holdings
September 30th, 2011 Holdings
October 31st, 2011 Holdings
November 30th, 2011 Holdings
December 30th, 2011 Holdings
January 31st, 2012 Holdings
February 29th, 2012 Holdings
March 31st, 2012 Holdings
April 30th, 2012 Holdings
May 31st, 2012 Holdings
June 30th, 2012 Holdings
July 31st, 2012 Holdings
August 31st, 2012 Holdings
September 30th, 2012 Holdings
October 31st, 2012 Holdings
November 30th, 2012 Holdings
December 31st, 2012 Holdings
January 31st, 2013 Holdings
February 28th, 2013 Holdings
March 31st, 2013 Holdings
April 30th, 2013 Holdings
May 31st, 2013 Holdings
June 30th, 2013 Holdings
July 31st, 2013 Holdings
August 31st, 2013 Holdings
September 30th, 2013 Holdings
October 31st, 2013 Holdings
November 30th, 2013 Holdings
December 31st, 2013 Holdings
January 31st, 2014 Holdings
February 28th, 2014 Holdings
March 31st, 2014 Holdings
April 30th, 2014 Holdings
May 30th, 2014 Holdings
June 30th, 2014 Holdings
July 30th, 2014 Holdings
August 31st, 2014 Holdings
September 30th, 2014 Holdings
October 31st, 2014 Holdings
November 31st, 2014 Holdings
December 31st, 2014 Holdings
January 31st, 2015 Holdings
February 28th, 2015 Holdings
March 31st, 2015 Holdings
April 30th, 2015 Holdings
May 31st, 2015 Holdings
June 30th, 2015 Holdings
July 31st, 2015 Holdings
August 31st, 2015 Holdings
September 30th, 2015 Holdings
October 31st, 2015 Holdings
November 30th, 2015 Holdings
December 31st, 2015 Holdings
January 31, 2016 Holdings

The security holdings are presented to illustrate examples of the securities that the fund has bought and the diversity of areas in which the funds may invest, and may not be representative of the fund's current or future investments. Fund holdings are subject to change and should not be considered to be investment advice.